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*** Apologies for the side ways images, not sure how to alter them ***
The images above are mixed media experiments i created for a 2D project. The first two images are thick pen drawings which i have machine stitched into using orange thread.
The third image is just all machine stitched using an embroidery foot.
I prefer the last image as i feel it is more visually interesting and looks more expressive.


vermiculite block sculpture

new pics 044uni nnn 045
uni nnn 047uni nnn 046

The very first image is the vermiculite block which i made and then i began to carve into it. Spiral Architecture inspired this design. I used a hack saw and a stanley knife to carve into the block. I found the block very easy to work with as its quite soft, its hard to get very fine detail as the block starts to crumble if you go to fine.
I will leave this to dry out and see how it drys, at the moment it has a stone look to it but i may experiment and paint a design on it using acrylic paint.

Perfume Bottle mould

uni nnn 042 uni nnn 035
To create the work above, i started of by creating a two piece mould from a Ralph Lauren perfume bottle that i were no longer using. I then did a slip cast from the mould and was left with a hollow mould.
I was very pleased with how these turned out as it was my first time creating a two piece mould and doing a slip cast.
I am pleased with the small details that have come through, especially the Ralph Lauren logo.
These need to be put into the kiln and possibly paint one of them like the original perfume bottle.

Vox pop – Political Art

uni 019 uni 020
Another project i have been working on is my Vox pop project which is based on Political art. I chose to base my work around the government and mainly on the amount of tax the government gets yet we never see any of this money?
I chose cigarettes as my main subject as the amount of tax that are on cigarettes is ridiculous. I chose Marlboro as its a well known cigarette packet and a very simple looking packet, easy to do prints and drawings from.
Its illegal to sell a packet of cigarettes unless it states ‘smoking kills’ clearly on the packet which is why i wanted to add ‘smoking kills’ onto my lino prints.
The number represents years and prices. In 1990 the tax on a packet of 20 cigarettes was just £1.20 in 2014, the tax has jumped up massively to £6.49!
Underneath the Lino print i added ‘but feeds the government’ due to the fact that all this tax goes to the government and they complain about how little money we have.

More Etchings

uni 006 uni 005
Continuing with my out of kilter project i did some hard ground etchings in response to my primary imagery. The second is a ghost print. I wanted to have as little detail as possible, i added some cross hatching in the reflection on the mirror as i wanted this to stand our more than the mirror frame. I also like the space around the mirror. I will experiment with a larger piece of paper but keep the etchings plate the same size as above.

out of kilter – cellulose thinners

uni 004
Above is a cellulose thinners transfer. I took an image of the blue ink drawings i have posted onto the blog previoulsy and i then printed it out (you have to use a laser yet printer). I covered my paper which i wanted the image to transer onto with cellulose thinners and then placed my printed out image on top of the paper and put it through the roller press. I peeled my printed out image off the paper and above it what i was left with. It gave the image a blurred effect which i like, it gives the image a mysterious feeling.